“I am ashamed to tell the price to the customer”

The Chairman of the IYI Party, who visited the tradesmen in the Termal district of Yalova today. Meral Aksener“How are things?” asked an employee at the clothing store, “It’s distressed, we’re trying to manage. We open at 07.30 in the morning, we are still waiting for 100 liras”. The following dialogues followed:

Worker: We just made one siftah. Electricity bill comes to 600-700 liras; We are sitting at 100 lira right now. There is nothing to do

Aksener: Here, if the purchasing power has dropped like this, you are burned; now summer, there are vacationers.

Worker: Today, the 5th of August, this place was full. There is no one now. We sit idly by.

Aksener: Even in ancient times, this was a good town.


Akşener, a citizen who owns a souvenir shop he visited, said, “The situation is not good at the moment, the prices are abnormal, such a price cannot be. I am ashamed to tell the price to the customer. I sold it for 500 liras, bought it back for one thousand 100 liras. Behind you is the children’s wheel; I bought it for 100 lira or 125 lira. Be sure, the friend who brought it and a customer friend were here by chance; He said ‘thousand lira’,” he said. Akşener, on the other hand, said, “Don’t get me wrong, when he buys it for 150 liras and sells it for 200 liras, he substitutes 1000 liras for what he will earn 50 liras profit. After that, he says ‘how much will I sell it for’” and summarized the problem the citizen told.

“Formerly 50 kg, now 15-20 kg of meat is sold”

Meral Aksener; A butcher said to the shopkeeper, “How much does a family living here, who buys a kilo of ground beef a week, get now? I am trying to understand the purchasing power of the citizens,” he asked. Butcher said, “Half a kilo… The price of 50 lira is 60 lira. It is very rare to lose more than 2 kilos of meat,” he replied. When asked by Akşener, “How many kilos did you sell in the past, how many kilos do you sell now?”, the tradesman replied, “If it used to be 50 per day, now it’s 15-20 kilos”. Akşener made the assessment, “Too little, does not make a living”.


In another clothing store, a citizen said, “As you know; Everyone is aware of everything, we know everything.” When asked by Akşener, “How many customers came today”, the citizen replied, “We did not make a start”. Surprised by the situation, Akşener said, “Now I am retired, let me buy it with my pension money; so there is no problem with making discounts” and bought towels for the shop to make a siftah.

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