Public workers burned their payrolls in Izmir

KESK members came together in Konak in the evening. “We Want a Wage Enough to Live a Humane Living” public workers, who unfurled banners, often “Raise, persecution, torture, here is AKP”, “One day the time will come, the AKP will give an account to the people” and “Take the AKP hike and steal it” chanted slogans.

KESK Branches Platform Term Spokesperson Bülent Karakaş read the press release on behalf of the public workers who demanded an additional raise against high inflation.

Karakaş stated that those who make a living by their labor are getting poorer day by day, and that the average salary of public workers, which was 3.5 times the minimum wage 20 years ago, has decreased to 1.5 times the minimum wage today.

Black eyebrows, “Despite the low virtual figures through TURKSTAT, official inflation has reached 73.5 percent, food inflation is 91 percent, and transportation inflation has reached the highest point of the last 24 years. On the one hand, the government seizes our labor and the sustenance of our children through TUIK data. Ali Cengiz sees what he steals from our salaries as profit, even tumbling over the data of TUIK with his games.” said.

Emphasizing that they want a wage sufficient to live humanely, Karakaş said:

“All public workers and retirees should be paid 86 percent inflation difference at least as much as the tax increase. The current income tax tariff, tranche ceiling-floors or tax rates should be increased in parallel with the additional budget. Otherwise, the salary increases will go to the income tax without going into our pockets.

The government’s policy of determining the budget on its own and then saying ‘our budgetary means do not allow’ at the collective bargaining table, leaving us condemned to the targeted distorted inflation figures, must now come to an end.

Obstacles to the right of workers, trade unions and the public to participate in the budget should be removed. A collective bargaining desk should be established next October, when preparations for the 2023 budget will begin.

The income of the lowest public worker should be increased above the poverty line with increases in salary and social payments such as spouse allowance, child allowance, rent allowance, transportation aid.

They lit the payroll

Karakaş, as KESK, whose wages, especially retirees, were destroyed by the official inflation wheel; all segments pushed into poverty and misery “it’s enough” He said they were called to say. Public workers protested the government by burning the payrolls they brought with them after the announcement.

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