Future Party launched a petition for early elections

The Future Party is at Kadıköy Square in Istanbul. “Choice for a Livelihood” organized a signature campaign. Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu also participated in the petition organized by the Istanbul Provincial Presidency of the Future Party and made a speech.

In his speech in Kadıköy Square, Davutoğlu referred to the problems experienced in the country, “I greet my dear fellow citizens who came to Kadıköy today to ignite a firecracker of hope against the deep poverty, widespread corruption and prohibitions that have descended on our beautiful country like a nightmare” He began his speech with


Davutoğlu, who came to power, “While the people are lamenting, they pontificate in their luxurious mansions and palaces. They dictate, ‘Reduce your portions, reduce meat’. If the rulers of a country are detached from the conscience of the people, if the rulers of a country are far from understanding the problems of that people, there is only one way: an immediate election, an early election, an election as soon as possible. he said.

After Davutoğlu’s speech, party members and citizens signed for the early elections.

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