Yenişehir Mayor Özyiğit said that the development of children first starts in the family.

Mersin Yenişehir Mayor Abdullah Özyiğit said that the education of children in Europe is planned systematically starting from the mother’s womb until the age of eight and said, “The education system in Turkey does not allow children to reach their highest potential.”

Stating that families have a great role and responsibility in supporting the development and education of children, Özyiğit said that families do not have the parenting skills to support their children, adding, “As Mersin Yenişehir Municipality, this area has a very important place in shaping children’s lives, with the slogan ‘every family is a school’ with the slogan ‘Early childhood. We projected the development under the title of ‘Yenişehir Model’. It is necessary for the development of the child to give education to the children at an early age first in the family and then in the pre-school education institutions. The health, nutrition, protection and education of every newborn is possible with ‘early childhood education’ to reach the highest level of developmental potential from pregnancy to the age of eight. Even if they live in disadvantaged families, children who have the opportunity for early education can close the developmental gaps early compared to their peers who have the opportunity to receive support.

Former deputy educator Ayşe Gürocak, who volunteered for the Yenişehir Model, which is an exemplary model in education, said, “The Yenişehir Model is a development and skill-based education system that deals with the child before he is born. When I heard the subject from dear President Abdullah Özyiğit, I followed it closely. What I saw is that I encountered a very important education model, I was excited. A model that establishes the way to build the future correctly, I considered it my duty to tell it everywhere. President Özyiğit, who realized the address of a healthy future as a teacher, a mother, and a politician, thanked Raif Çakmak, the Director of the Institute, and Prof. Dr. I felt gratitude and gratitude to my teacher Ozan Ural. This Republic desperately needs young people and children who are born on solid foundations and receive a developing education.”

It was stated that CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who closely examined the training program, admired the project. The training program, which was implemented for the first time in Turkey, is expected to be implemented in İzmir as a result of negotiations with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer.

Project steps:

  • 1) Family and Marriage Life Training, Training is given to couples who apply to Yenişehir Municipality in order to become a family and to support their communication skills in the family.
  • 2) 0-3 Age MABEP (Marmara Family Skills Education Program) is a family education program that supports the developmental stages of the child and includes application examples, prepared for families with children between the ages of 0-3, organized in cooperation with Marmara University.
  • 3) 0-3 Years Old Baby Library is an application that aims to support all developmental stages, especially language cognitive skills of children, and supports the enrichment of vocabulary that will contribute to the academic education process.
  • 4) 0-6 Age Development Assessment is an early intervention application that provides development-supportive applications by identifying possible risks in the development of children in this age range at an early stage.
  • 5) 0-6 Age Special Education is an application in which children whose developmental risks are determined in the early period are followed by preparing appropriate treatment programs.
  • 6) 3-6 Age Skill-Based Education Center is a pre-school education institution that supports children aged 0-3 who receive family education between the ages of 3-6 institutionally with skill-based workshop programs.
  • 7) 6-8 Age Workshop Based Education includes workshop programs supported by applications such as chess, robotic coding, STEM, P4C for children in the relevant age group.

The Early Childhood Development “Yenişehir Model” has the quality of providing a holistic perspective to all practices aimed at child development until today.

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