Deniz Berktay reports from Kiev: Ukraine, EU and Russia

Pro-Westerns in Ukraine have long said that Russians are Asian and they are European. After the indirect war between Russia and Ukraine in 2014, these groups said that Ukraine defended not only itself but the whole of Europe against Russia, that the war with Russia was not a war between two countries, but a war between two civilizations. they began to speak. Now these segments are happy to have gotten a little closer to their goals.


Making a statement after Ukraine and Moldova were nominated to the EU, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, said that this was an “internal matter of the EU”, but “The important thing is that this does not cause problems in the relations of these countries with us. There are enough problems already,” he added. There are several reasons why Russia does not openly strongly object to Ukraine’s EU candidacy as it does to the possibility of Ukraine becoming a NATO member: First, it is unclear whether the EU wants to take Ukraine. Second, it tries to separate Germany and France from the US-UK duo. Thirdly, since those who want Ukraine’s EU candidacy are the majority of the current Ukrainian society, it does not want to use the language of threat, at least on this issue. Fourth, and most importantly, Russia currently has little opportunity to influence Ukraine economically or in the energy sector.

On the eve of Ukraine’s signing of a customs union agreement with the EU in 2013, Putin summoned then-Ukrainian President Yanukovych to Sochi and told him that Russia would impose a trade embargo on Ukraine if Ukraine made a deal with the EU. Such a boycott would have been fatal for Ukraine, as the Ukrainian economy at the time was highly dependent on Russia. Therefore, the Ukrainian government announced that the agreement with the EU would be delayed for a while, which brought the pro-EU supporters out onto the streets and paved the way for the 2014 revolution in Ukraine. Russia no longer has such opportunities for influence. Therefore, it would be beneficial for Russia to review its own close environment policy.

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