Citizens who cannot get an examination queue will not even be able to access health services with the hikes to be made.

While it is argued that the additional budget will alleviate the burden of the citizens who are in despair due to the economic crisis, on the contrary, it increases the burden. A 50 percent increase in participation shares is on the way. In the coming days, a big increase in all health services is also on the agenda.

The “Draft Bill on the Amendment of the 2022 Central Government Budget Law and the Related Schedules” was accepted by the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey’s Planning and Budget Committee. In addition, 22 billion 52 million 456 thousand TL was added to the “Shares Received from Individuals and Institutions”, which also includes the participation shares in the supplementary budget.

Dr. Ergun Demir and Dr. According to Güray Kılıç’s calculations, when you get sick, have surgery and take medication, there will be a 47.7 percent increase in the participation fees for examinations, tests, medical supplies and prescriptions received from the patients by the SGK. Dr. Demir and Dr. According to Kılıç, citizens will not be able to access health services because they do not have time to be examined in hospitals and days to undergo surgery, and they will be completely deprived of access to health services with the additional burden/raise that will come with an additional budget in the near future.

Participation share; It refers to the amount to be paid by the general health insurance holder or his/her dependents in order to benefit from health services. Dr. Ergun Demir and Dr. Güray Kılıç made the following evaluations about the additional burdens that will come to patients with the additional budget:

  • General health insurance holders or their dependents paid 4.3 billion TL in 2019, 3.3 billion TL in 2020 (due to the decrease in the number of applications due to the Pandemic) and approximately 4.6 billion TL in 2021 to SSI for examination, examination, medical supplies and prescription contributions. .


  • The possible expectation with the additional budget proposal is to amend the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) to the extent permitted by the law. Accordingly, it may be possible to receive a contribution fee in the examinations performed at primary care (family doctor and workplace doctor examinations) health service providers, which have not been applied until now.
  • It is a practice to increase the contribution fee up to 20 TL in the examinations made at the secondary and tertiary health service providers, and to charge up to 1 percent of the health services financed in inpatient treatment according to the disease groups to be determined by the institution included in the Law No. 5510 but not currently implemented. With the SUT amendment that can be made to the extent permitted by the law in the coming days, it should be expected that the application of an additional increase in the participation shares will come to the agenda.
  • One of the most important general justifications for the additional budget is seen as the budget transfers to the Social Security Institution. In the supplementary budget, 86.3 billion TL was proposed for deficit financing payments to the SGK. In order to reduce the deficit financing payments made to the institution, it is highly probable that all health services will increase in the coming days with the increase in the participation shares.

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