Sunflowers of Mudanya Municipality are getting ready for harvest

The blessing of the harvest season in Mudanya, this year the Mudanya Municipality “People from Earth” It will be brought to the table with a social responsibility project.

Sunflower seeds were grown on an 85-decare land in the Balabancık neighborhood of Mudanya Municipality, which collects olives grown on municipal lands, medians and parks, transforms them into olive oil, and delivers them to the citizens in need.

After the harvest to be made in August, oil will be obtained and all of it will be distributed to the needy in Mudanya, and karakılçık wheat will be planted in the same area in October.

Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz stated that with the “From Soil to Ring” project, both the lands belonging to the municipality are utilized and citizens in need have access to reliable basic food free of charge. “The situation of agriculture in Turkey and how it is reflected in the cuisine is obvious. We are trying to support our fellow citizens as a requirement of our social democratic municipalism approach. As per our social municipality principle, we lovingly produce our products, each gram of which contains sweat, and nourish our labor with love. We share what we produce fairly with our families registered in our municipality. May our harvest, which will begin next month, be fruitful” used the phrases.

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