It was reflected in the gendarmerie report that one of the pipes flowing cyanide in Ilic, Erzincan, was broken and 20 tons flowed into the Euphrates River.

Erzincan‘of Ilic operating in the district Anagold Mining An investigation was launched against the company for allegedly polluting the environment. The İliç Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office took action after the allegations that there was a leak in the cyanide pipe of the gold mine operating in the district’s Kapakler village.

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office, in order to investigate the allegations, ““Pollution of the environment by negligence” regulated in Article 182, which includes the provision of “giving waste or residues to the soil, water or air in a way that will harm the environment”” within the framework of the investigation, the gendarmerie teams examined whether there was any environmental pollution in the region where the enterprise is located. It was reflected in the gendarmerie report that one of the gold mine’s cyanide pipes was broken and that around 20 tons of cyanide was released into the environment.

Chairman of the Victory Party Umit Ozdag also made a press statement in the mining area where gold exploration is carried out in Erzincan İliç and it is said that cyanide pipes burst and mix with the Euphrates River.


Ozdag, “A Chernobyl is happening here. At the moment, Ankara still continues to sleep. This is not a job that can be settled with a gendarmerie report. An emergency has to be declared and the state has to devote all its resources to it. Because this poison collected in the dam will soon begin to flow to all of Turkey, especially to our southern provinces. This is not acceptable” he stated.

Expressing that there was a nature genocide in İliç, Özdağ said, “This It has been determined that the cyanide pool has been flowing out of the pipes since last night. They decided to enlarge this place and the construction continues. Here a sea of ​​cyanide will appear. This cyanide mixes with the river and descends from here to Harran and from there to the Middle East. This is a massacre. Those who carry out this massacre of nature and thus endanger human life on Turkish soil cannot do this in their own country. If we have been against the massacres against nature all over Turkey, we are here to show our stance. We will not leave this issue behind. We will not allow such filth on Turkish soil. It is an assassination attempt against our people and future generations.” he called.

Ümit Özdağ said, “The whole of Turkey has to see and understand how dire the situation is. One of the pipes flowing with cyanide is broken and at least 20 tons of cyanide is flowing, according to the gendarmerie report. It is not an acceptable situation. There is a bad smell in the air. An emergency must be declared immediately. Our country is facing a process,” he said.

“Former FETO PROSECUTION PRIZES 5 thousand dollars MONTHLY”

Citizen Sedat Algerialioğlu, who gave information to Özdağ, said that the cyanide pipe exploded in the gold mine belonging to the American and Canadians in the İliç district, and the cyanide emitted from the exploded pipe emptied into the stream, and said, “This stream also empties into the Euphrates River, which you can see below.”

Algerialioglu said:This water feeds our 5 dams. They have been farming with cyanide for maybe 3 days in the GAP with sulfuric acid. The danger is so great. This place needs to be stopped immediately, this is a matter of survival. I announced this place to the world, it didn’t happen to me anymore. People were killed for this place. İlhan Cihaner announced it to all of Turkey 20 days ago. In 2008, during the drilling phase, the former FETO-affiliated prosecutor charges this place with a monthly fee of 5 thousand dollars. They have special scientific reports brought from Istanbul, and they meet them at Erzincan Airport to have the reports printed. The man who confessed this, the man İlhan Cihaner interrogated, was poisoned by the bleat he ate for 4 days, and they took him for cerebral hemorrhage without even an autopsy.” he said.

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