Woman on trial for allegedly killing the man she was married to in Konya was released: Her mother-in-law welcomed her with flowers

Fatma Koç, 52, who stabbed her 2 children and her alcoholic wife, Mustafa Koç (48), who beat her with a knife due to an insect she saw on the wall in Konya, was released at the first hearing where her trial began.

The incident occurred at around 19.30 on January 4 in the Hamidiye District of Beyşehir district.

Mustafa Koç, who allegedly came home drunk, started beating his 17-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter and his wife Fatma Koç, allegedly because of an insect he saw on the edge of the sink.

Fatma Koç, the mother of 3 children, survived the attack and killed her husband by stabbing the knife she took from the kitchen into her chest. Fatma Koç, who was taken into custody after the incident, was arrested.

‘I’m ashamed to say my son’

Fatma Koç, who was prosecuted for ‘deliberate killing’, appeared before the judge for the first time today at the Seydişehir High Criminal Court.

The court board heard the parties before the hearing. Güllü Koç, mother of Mustafa Koç, who said that he did not make a complaint by participating in the lawsuit, “I am ashamed to call him my son. He was a very tormenting person. I do not complain about my bride. She is a woman who does not even hurt an ant. She endured him for 24 years next to my son. I want my bride to be released.” said.


Fatma Koç’s son EK, in his statement at the hearing, “My father was constantly torturing, beating, drinking alcohol. My mother was always trying to be a hindrance. He was drunk on the day of the incident. My mom and I grabbed her arm and took her inside. He went to the bathroom and saw the spider on the wall. He called my brother, grabbed his head and hit the wall. Then he took my brother by banging his head against the wall. I tried to save my brother, I said ‘don’t shoot daddy’. ‘You die,’ he said. My mother took the knife from the kitchen and showed it to my father. ‘Leave the kids,’ she said. He went on my mother, my mother swung the knife. My mother swung it again, while my father slapped me. At that moment, the knife came to her chest before my mother saw the knife she threw. My father came in holding his chest and my mother started shouting. ‘Guys, help,’ said the ambulance. My father was dead at that time.” said.

If her daughter is HK “My father was always drunk. On the day of the crime, my father came home cursing. He slapped me at the door saying “why don’t you look at me”. He asked my mother for money. My mom said, ‘Where can I find it? My father punched and slapped my mother. It hit me against the wall. My mom bought the knife to scare me. My mother is not one to hurt anyone. Then he swung the knife and it sank into his chest. My father took my mother’s hand and the knife fell to the ground. My father went into the room holding his chest and my mother shouted, “Something happened to your father”. Then I informed my grandmothers” he said.

‘I HAVE 5 FINGERS PRINT ON MY Daughter’s Cheek’

Fatma Koç also stated in her defense that her husband came home drunk on the day of the incident and took her to the room with her daughter. Meanwhile, Fatma Koç stated that her husband slapped her daughter. “My daughter has five finger prints on her cheek. My child couldn’t even cry. Because he beat me when he cried. He went into the living room and took off his clothes. Then he was swearing at me and his own family on the way to the bathroom. He was using colored pills. These were drug-like pills. I’ll take pills from me, she asked for money. When I said that I had no money, he attacked me with punches and slaps. He broke my teeth for his previous violence.” said.


Stating that her husband Mustafa Koç saw a spider on the edge of the sink, she called her daughter and grabbed her by the hair, Fatma Koç continued:

“He called my daughter and grabbed her by the hair. She rubbed her head against the concrete of the bathroom. Me and my son were hung to let my daughter go. I even said to my son, ‘Get out, don’t hit you’. At the same time, he beat up my son. It hit my daughter on the head. She got up. He grabbed her hair and dragged her towards the street door. He randomly hit us all. The adjacent kitchen door was open. Earlier, my daughter had put a knife to her throat. I too got scared when I approached the kitchen door. He looked at the knife in the kitchen. I took the knife without him in order to scare him into thinking he would do the same thing again. When he saw the knife, he came to me. He was dragging my daughter by the hair with one hand. ‘If I get that knife, I’ll cut and chop you all,’ she said. I was scared too. I tried to pull my daughter towards me. She wasn’t letting go. He was punching me. Head shot. My head went back. He suddenly grabbed my hand holding the knife. He started to throw it towards me. With my head back, I don’t know where the knife went. At that moment, the knife entered because he pulled my hand, which was the knife. I was still trying to save my daughter. He took out the knife with my hand and was hitting me with one hand. I didn’t see where the blade was stuck. My wife didn’t make any noise. Then he left my daughter. He went to the big room of the house and fell face down on the floor. I started shouting. I said, ‘Something happened to your father,’ and went to him. When he turned it, I realized that he was stabbed. I told my children to call the police by ambulance.

Following the testimony of Fatma Koç and the witnesses, the Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that the crime was one of the catalog crimes and demanded the continuation of the detention.


Taking into account the nature and nature of the crime charged, the current evidence situation, the fact that the evidence has been collected to a large extent, the detention being a precaution, the defendant’s fixed residence and the time he has spent in detention, the court decided to ‘release the person and place a ban on abroad’ and voted. evacuated together. The Trial was postponed to a next date.

This decision was welcomed by the children, family and mother-in-law of Fatma Koç, who came to follow the hearing. Mother-in-law Güllü Koç shed tears of joy.


Fatma Koç was released in the evening after the decision reached the Seydişehir Penitentiary and Execution Institution. Güllü Koç, Fatma Koç’s mother-in-law, welcomed her daughter-in-law at the prison gate.


Fatma Koç, reunited with her children and home“May Allah be pleased with everyone. Everyone stood behind me. I had no hope, I was released thanks to my lawyer. May God be pleased with him. I thought I couldn’t get out. Now I came home, I am very happy. When I heard the decision, I cried with joy. I was in prison for 5.5 months. I am happy with my children from now on.” I hope to live a life. I didn’t know I had so many lovers, thank you very much to everyone” he said.


Fatma Koç’s lawyer, Şefika Doğan, is “We have been following Fatma Koç’s case since the beginning. We had full faith in my client’s innocence from the very beginning. At this point, the most correct decision was made. The decision to release was a decision that we both expected and thought at some point, would the court hesitate? But justice was served. After that, we will have a discovery process and then a hearing will be held again. We will make the necessary defenses, but my client’s innocence will be proven. said.

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