TMSF puts its carpet yarn factory up for sale

The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) decided to bid on the facility named “BCF1”, which is owned by Naksan Plastik and Royal Halı and produces carpet yarn.

The building and land of the factory, which continues production in 3 parcels with a total area of ​​28 thousand square meters in Gaziantep 1st Organized Industrial Zone, and the machinery, equipment, fixtures and contracts in the factory were put up for sale as a package for an estimated value of 120 million 500 thousand liras.

The facility, which continues its activities with 156 personnel, has an annual production capacity of 18 thousand tons.

It is expected that 45 percent of the total turnover of the facility, which exports to approximately 30 countries, will be obtained from export revenues by the end of 2022.


Based on the authority given to it by the Banking Law, SDIF put the facility named “BCF1” up for sale by creating “commercial economic integrity”.

With this method, the valuable assets of the companies are sold as a package, not the shares of the companies, and the investor who won the tender cannot be held responsible for the debts that may arise from the past period.

The latest bids for the tender, which will be held on 28 June at 14:30 at the SDIF’s building in Istanbul Esentepe, can be submitted until 27 June.

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