300 acres of wheat field burned in flames in Tekirdag

In the Malkara district of Tekirdağ, the spark that broke out due to the breakage of the electrical wires passing through the field spread in an instant with the effect of the wind. The wheat field, which was learned to be close to 300 acres, was burned to ashes.

Selim Kılıç, who saw the fire by chance when he was crossing the road and informed the authorities, “We saw it while we were crossing the road. We immediately called the fire department and informed. A huge field is on fire. It is truly a sad state of affairs. Let’s not throw lit cigarettes out the window, especially while driving. This is a sensitive area. The time for cereal is now. As you can see, lives are lost here. Let’s be very sensitive. Let’s be very careful. Let’s not throw a glass bottle or cigarette in a field. But our people are very unaware of this. So much effort is put into this place and they are looked after like a child. Good luck Malkara” he said.

Upon the notice, firefighters and municipal construction equipment were dispatched to the scene. Especially after the great effort of the construction machines, the flames were prevented from growing.

Firefighters’ cooling work continues. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

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