The statement of the suspect who attacked the Turkish flag with Atatürk appeared: ‘My psychology is broken’ defense!

The owner of the business that sells mobile phone accessories on Cevdet Akçay Sokak, Kemerkaya Mahallesi, noticed that the Turkish flag with Atatürk hanging on the rope in front of the shop was not in place for a while, and watched the security camera footage.

The owner of the business found that 1 of the 2 people passing by on the street the previous evening, after checking the surroundings, pulled the Turkish flag hanging from the rope and took it away from the area.

The police, which started an investigation upon the reactions on the social media where the complaint and the footage of the incident were shared, determined that Volkan Erbaş and his companion were AS, who broke the flag. The suspects were detained and taken to the police station for questioning.


Volkan Erbaş, who was transferred to the courthouse after his interrogation, was arrested by the judgeship, where he was charged with ‘insulting the memory of Atatürk and insulting the signs of the state’s sovereignty’. AS, on the other hand, was released on the condition of judicial control, with a ban on leaving the country.


On the other hand, in the statement given at the prosecutor’s office, Volkan Erbaş, who was arrested, “I have a mental illness. I have a mental disorder due to this. I didn’t realize it was the Turkish flag and Atatürk. I didn’t have bad intentions, it was instant. I regret” reportedly said.

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