‘Terrorist organization ringleader Abdullah Öcalan will be allowed to see’

Hürriyet newspaper writer Abdulkadir Selvi gave information about the situation of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was held in İmralı Prison and was last contacted with his lawyer in August 2019, from the backstage.

Selvi stated that Öcalan would be allowed to meet with a relative.

Here is an excerpt from Selvi’s article titled “Ocalan will be allowed to see”:

“This name may be his brother Mehmet Öcalan, or Ömer Öcalan, who is still HDP Şanlıurfa Deputy, may also go to İmralı. I don’t know if Öcalan’s meeting will be allowed once or if it will continue at regular intervals. But the important thing is what will come out of this meeting? Will Öcalan send a message to Qandil and HDP?


When we write about the meeting with Öcalan, discussions can be started as soon as the AK Party is starting a new solution process. But let me tell you in advance that there is no such study, and I did not get such an impression. Discussions about starting a new solution process are beyond their purpose. After all, this is the point I am most worried about when I write Öcalan, the Kurdish issue. Someone takes it right away, takes it to another place just because the government is starting the solution process again. It is said that Öcalan will be allowed to meet with one of his family in order to end the tension created by the PKK-HDP due to the alleged isolation.

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