The search for 2 missing young people with their vehicles continues in a water well

19-year-old İsmail Yalçın, who lives in the Acıpayam district of Denizli, and 17-year-old Hasan Akköse, who resides in Serinhisar, met on Thursday, June 9, 2022 and set off by car, and they never returned. The car used by the youth during the search operations carried out for 4 days was found abandoned in the forest area in Yenice District.

During the rigging studies, where traces of blood were found, the phones of the two young people were also found in pieces in the field.

The search operations, which were carried out in the garbage and field all day yesterday, were resumed this morning with the first light of the day. Research has started in a water well in Sarıabat District of Serinhisar district within Calislar. Security forces took extensive security measures around the well being searched.

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