Farmers in Adana rebelled against 30 lira diesel prices: ‘We can’t stand’

Waking up every day with the news of new hikes, the citizen continues to be crushed under inflation and high cost of living. Farmers, on the other hand, are among those who have paid the heaviest price of the crisis.

Finally, the farmers in Adana rebelled against the fact that diesel prices were based on 30 liras. Stating that they could not even operate the ignition of the tractor in order to cultivate and plow their fields, the producers stated that they had no strength to endure.

Listening to the problems of the farmers, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Adana Deputy, Parliamentary Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Committee Member Ayhan Barut said, “The diesel fuel used by the manufacturer is increasing day by day, just like the passion wheel, like the increase counter. Last year it was 6 liras, this year it was almost 30 liras. It has increased 5 times. At this price, the manufacturer cannot even turn the ignition of the tractor. Hear the manufacturer’s cry.” made the call.


Farmer Ali Sofi from Oymaklı Village, “We are sitting on the tractor, but our tank is empty. We do not have the strength to buy diesel. This tank is filled with 2.5-3 thousand liras. Not only can we not plow the fields, but we cannot operate this machine. The diesel was 5.5-6 liras, it became 28-29 liras. I cannot plow the field. I swear I can’t drive it.” said.

Hacı Süleyman Yüce from the village of Helvacı said, “We harvested the wheat, but we will plant a second crop, and instead of it, diesel is very expensive. We expect that. 5-6 liters of diesel goes per acre. They should give us diesel and fertilizer, not give us money, but support us like this” he said.


Niyazi Sevinç, a producer from Oymaklı Village, “Because the price of diesel increased so much, we had to leave this field empty. We used to fill the tank of the tractor for 700 TL when the diesel price was 7 TL. Now the tank fills up to 3 thousand TL. We have given up on sowing the field” he said.


Şahin Köylü from Sirkenli Village said: “I produce cotton, corn and wheat. Right now, we cannot plow the field. A tractor’s tank takes 80-100 liters of diesel. That’s 3 thousand liras. We don’t have the strength to endure it. We used to drive 2-3 times, but now we are superficially trying to avoid spending too much diesel.” “ made a statement.


CHP Adana Deputy Ayhan Barut, who wanted to respond to the demands of the farmers whose problems he listened to in the Karataş Plain, said:

“Our farmer has harvested wheat in Adana and is waiting. He will plant the second crop but cannot plow his field. The economic crisis in our country has peaked, the fire continues. Everyone is groaning. Because the producers cannot produce, the citizens cannot afford it. Everyone is in great distress. Some people may have dry salt, but the citizens have bread.” He is waiting to buy stale bread. Even half a liter of water is 3 liras, and the price of the citizen cannot come close to the price of meat, which is expensive. The diesel used by the producer is increasing every day, like a passion fruit, like the numerator, it stood at 30 liras. Last year it was 6 liras, this year it was almost It has become 30 liras. It has increased by 5 times. At this price, the manufacturer cannot even turn the ignition of the tractor. Hear the cry of the manufacturer, the citizen is devastated. Will our people eat stones? We are calling out to those who have dry salt, the solution is in the hands of the power.”

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