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The rise in the price of gasoline has already eaten all the aid that the Government approved at the end of March. With an average of 2,049 euros per liter, according to data published this Thursday by the BOil Bulletin of the European Union, 95-octane fuel is now 23 cents more expensive than it was in the week of March 28, the last week before the mandatory 20-cent discount went into effect on April 1. This means that, despite this reduction, drivers are now paying 3 cents more at the pump than then.

Gasoline price growth seems runaway in the last month. Compared to seven days ago, the average increased by 4.1% and marks, for the fifth consecutive week, its historical record. On this occasion, moreover, for the first time overcoming the psychological barrier of 2 euros and standing above the European Union average (2,018 euros per liter). If you go back a little further, the effects of the tension in international energy prices stemming from the war in Ukraine are even more visible. Compared to the end of last year, a liter of gasoline is now almost 40% more expensive.

This week, in addition, diesel adds to the bad news for drivers. If in the last three it had fallen slightly in price, now it has rebounded strongly (3.5% in the last seven days) and again passes the 1.9 euro barrier to stand, on average, at 1.917 euros per liter. It is also the highest price in history, exceeding 1,911 euros in the second week of May. However, and despite the fact that so far this year it has become more expensive than gasoline, diesel has not yet eaten the government’s aid. If the obligatory 20 cents are deducted, the resulting price would still be 12 cents below what was paid at the end of March.

Transferred to what it means to refuel a medium-sized tank (55 liters), the amounts for this week mean paying almost 112.7 euros for refueling with gasoline and 105.4 euros for doing so with diesel. In both cases, 11 euros would have to be deducted from the mandatory aid that the Executive launched in April and that expires on June 30, although the president, Pedro Sánchez, has been willing to extend it if necessary.

Both gasoline and diesel exceed the average price of the Twenty-seven in Spain, although not that of the euro zone (2,061 euros per liter of gasoline and 1,942 euros per liter of diesel). Denmark, with 2,545 euros per liter, is the country where it is more expensive to rest a gasoline car, while the ceiling for diesel is marked by Sweden with 2,472 euros. Hungary in gasoline (1,263 euros per liter) and Malta in the case of diesel (1,210 euros per liter) are the EU countries where fuel is cheaper.

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