Femicide and abuse debate between HDP and MHP deputies in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National AssemblyThe proposal to discuss the HDP’s motion to investigate the injustice caused by the impunity policies in femicides was discussed.

Adana Deputy speaking on behalf of HDP Group Tulay Hatimoğulları Fasting“When we look at the world history of violence against women in uniforms in regions where war, conflict and militarism are developed, we certainly know many examples; Here we see a unique situation in Turkey. The reason for this special war policy towards Kurdish women is to subdue the Kurdish people’s struggle,” she said.

Objecting to this, MHP Group Deputy Chairman Muhammed Levent BulbulResponded to Oruç as follows:

  • If the rights of our Kurdish brothers, daughters, sisters and women are to be respected in Turkey, it is probably not up to the PKK or HDP to take care of it. In other words, while sexually assaulting Kurdish girls and Kurdish children in this way, those who cannot speak up about them today are busy slandering the Turkish state and our security forces by saying ‘there is a systematic policy’. Do we eat this? We don’t eat this! Pass them bro; pass them, pass them! If there is an attack on our brothers of Kurdish origin in Turkey, if there is hostility, then the elder brother of this is the PKK terrorist organization. This is a vile slander. It is absolutely impossible to accept this. Everyone should know their limits.

When the HDP desks said, “You know your place,” Bülbül said, “You are spreading the seeds of enmity. What does it mean to express that the security forces attack Kurdish women, especially within the scope of politics,” he said.

The debate between Oruç and Bülbül continued with mutual discussions between HDP and MHP deputies. Mutual conversations at the General Assembly continued as follows:

Fasting with HDP: This is the reality whether you eat it or not. In a systematic way… The organization of drug gangs in the region where Kurdish women and Kurdish people live is carried out by law enforcement.

MHP’s Nightingale: You will prove the systematicity, the policy. It is the customer who cannot prove it. The largest narco-terrorist organization the world has known is the PKK.

Fast: Today, Ezgi Mola was sentenced by the judiciary under your guidance for saying that Musa Orhan is a ‘rapist’ and that he said ‘the rapist is called a ‘rapist’. One of the most important proofs that this is systematic is that the judiciary applies a policy of impunity to such people, to rapist men in uniform.

Nightingale: Prove. Prove your motive. It was under my command! You prove the state policy.

IYI Party Konya Deputy Fahrettin Yokus: Get out of there. You lie, you slander the Turkish army, get out of there! Unlimited. The biggest rapists are PKK members, the biggest betrayal is PKK members.

HDP Group Deputy Chairman and Siirt Deputy Meral Danış Beştaş: In the discussion here, someone has a wound and they are offended. Indeed, when a person has a wound, he gets angry, shouts and calls. It is obvious that they have a direct relationship with criminal organizations and perpetrators, and they slander information that is so neat, based on concrete data and court records. Well, which one did you answer, Mr. Nightingale, we are counting names here, let me count them again.

Nightingale: You are the claimant, you will prove it.

Five stones: Musa Orhan, a sergeant in the province where I am the deputy, murdered, raped and punished a woman. What is its connection with you? The court proved it, I don’t need to prove it. Again, in the Gürpınar district of Van, village guard Tekin Gülaçtı sexually abused 2 mentally handicapped children and 3 siblings; the trial continues.

Nightingale: Prove that it is politics… The points that need to be expressed here are clear, we cannot move forward unless this sincerity problem is resolved in Turkey, that is, while talking about women, children, democracy and human rights, he almost closed his eyes to a wound that has been bleeding for forty years in Turkey, Trying to interpret what’s going on in Turkey without mentioning or talking about it, with their ears and mouths closed, their tongues dead, and trying to make a policy about it is incompatible at the slightest point. The rapists and their brothers are the terrorist organization that makes the list of the parliamentarians of this party.

HDP MPs reacted to Bülbül’s words. Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Celal Adan gave 10 minutes to the meeting. However, the tension continued in the new session.


Beştaş spoke, “We are talking about rape, abuse and murders. We did not receive any response to any of them. We are the HDP, the Peoples’ Democratic Party. If we have only one connection to rapes, abuses, murders, let them come out and tell them. Our foreheads are open, our heads are high on this issue. That’s why I’m returning all these bad words to their owner,” he said.


Bülbül said, “May Allah curse those who attack, sexually abuse and rape women in this way. Regardless of his position, rank, or official, may God punish him. Let him be punished in the most severe way in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of the Republic of Turkey… He should be punished to the fullest, but when we say ‘the state is doing this’, different landscapes emerge, different issues arise, and this is a very heavy burden, no one can carry it.” spoke.

Thereupon, Beştaş said, “For the record, one sentence: There is only evidence that this is a state policy; impunity policy. May Allah punish Musa Orhan. Why was he not arrested?” he asked.

After the discussion, the discussions in the General Assembly continued.

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