Identity information of 53 million 700 thousand people has been released

After AY, who lives in Kars’s Digor district, was informed of cargo fraud, the Cyber ​​Crime Teams launched an investigation. After 4 months of technical and physical follow-up, the teams carried out operations in Kars-based Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin. Teams that made simultaneous press to 20 addresses, MY, İ.Ş., TK, ABE, MF, B.Ç., FN, Ö.C., BK, GK, MBÇ., H.İ.K., M.Ç. ., Ş.A. and detained MFS. It was determined that TK, one of the suspects, was the gang leader and had 64 different criminal records.

During the searches made at the suspects’ addresses, 92 thousand 745 TL and a thousand dollars, 440 debit and credit cards, 110 sim cards, 29 mobile phones, 14 laptops, 9 flash drives, 4 cartridges, 3 fake IDs and 8.10 grams of drugs were seized. The 15 suspects, who were investigated for the crimes of establishing an organization and qualified fraud, were transferred to the Digor Courthouse today.


It was determined that the suspects gave advertisements for valuable electronic devices, mobile phones, video cards and laptops over the internet. It was determined that the suspects, who contacted them and arranged a fake identity on behalf of the people who sold the product, took the product back from the cargo company before the cargo arrived. It was also determined that the suspects went to the dealer after the sellers living in the cities they lived in had sent the product to the cargo, and gave a statement that they gave up sending the cargo with a fake ID and took the product back.


In the examination made on the computers seized from the suspects’ homes, the e-government login information of 570 people, the identity and address information of 53 million 700 thousand people, the residence address of the citizens, the list of neighbors living in the same building, the digitally prepared police, soldier, MIT, Fake corporate identities belonging to the legal professions were detected. Police teams confiscated the lists and fake corporate identities and kept them.

It turned out that the gang members also rented ultra-luxury apartments and vehicles with the money they obtained from the fraud.

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