Mandatory retirement means ‘starve’ to workers

Veli Ağbaba, Deputy Chairman of the CHP and Coordinator of Labor Offices, made a written statement about the problems of workers who transferred from subcontractors to staff. Ağbaba made the following assessments:

“With the Decree Law No. 696, the staffing right expected by the subcontractor workers was given, albeit incompletely. However, the problems experienced by the workers still continue. Subcontracted workers are forced to retire when they fulfill the minimum conditions for retirement in accordance with the Decree-Law No. 696. The imposition of compulsory retirement on workers who have been appointed to the staff, unfortunately, causes our workers to suffer. While our workers, whose labor has been exploited for years through the subcontractor system, think that they have gained security by obtaining the right to cadre, now they are left to hunger and misery due to compulsory retirement.”


Stating that in accordance with the Decree-Law No. 696 on the recruitment of subcontracted workers, Ağbaba made the following statement:

“Women who are transferred from the subcontractor to the staff, for example, are forced to retire at the age of 48-49, and men at the age of 52-53. While the former permanent workers continue to work until the age of 62-63, the workers who object to being forced into retirement want the injustice done to end. The forced retirement of workers who think that they will lead a more comfortable life when they join the staff creates new grievances.


Workers recruited after April 1, 2018; While they are forced to retire on the date they deserve their retirement, other than these workers, the workers who are in the permanent staff do not have such a problem. This situation leads to discrimination among employees. As such, the law disrupts the peace of work and deprives employees of their constitutional rights. The law needs to be amended immediately and this suffering needs to be stopped.

With the subcontractor law, making compulsory retirement for employees when they come of age means condemning them to a pension below even the minimum wage. And that means the workers die from your pain. Nearly 8 million retirees and beneficiaries in Turkey receive salaries below the minimum wage. One out of every two retirees in Turkey is either working or looking for a job because they cannot make a living. It is not possible to live on a pension in a country where the minimum wage is below the poverty line. For this reason, this practice should be terminated immediately. The forced retirement imposition of our employees and their leaving them to starvation and misery should end.”

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