Last Minute… Monkey pox virus statement from Health Minister Fahrettin Koca: Has it been seen in Turkey?

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the monkeypox virus has been confirmed in 19 countries so far and a total of 131 cases have been detected.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the monkeypox virus has not been detected in Turkey.

Husband, “We know that the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine is 80-85 percent. We all know that it was not developed after 1970 in the world on this subject. But we understand that some countries, especially the United States, developed it as a vaccine that did not destroy the live virus at that time. At this point, we are meeting with friends. “We are in consultation with the scientific committee about what we can do to improve it,” he said. said.

“While there was a past period in the world that should not have been developed, even when a live virus vaccine was implied, we see that this is not done.” says Husband, “There has been no case of monkey pox in our country so far. There should be no unnecessary uneasiness in this regard. Our citizens should be happy. In this sense, our ministry closely monitors how we should act when appropriate.” used the phrases.

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