Killed casino owner in ‘debt’ argument

The incident occurred the previous day at the casino in Çaydeğirmeni town of Devrek district. Casino owner Muhammet Bozkurt, his father Zihni Bozkurt, Levent Aydenk and Ahmet. K. came to the casino belonging to Tolga Korkmaz. Allegedly, Levent Aydenk, who drew his gun during the discussion between the parties, fired several shots.

Meanwhile, Muhammet Bozkurt opened fire on Korkmaz with a shotgun he took from his vehicle. While Korkmaz was hit and collapsed to the ground, waiter Onur P., who tried to intervene in the incident, was also injured. Korkmaz, who was seriously injured, died in the hospital where he was taken. Muhammet Bozkurt, his father Zihni Bozkurt and Levent Aydenk, who fled after the incident, surrendered to the gendarmerie.

The fiancee of Muhammet Bozkurt, who was determined to be involved in the incident, and the owner of the gun and vehicle, Z.Ş. A woman named Ahmet K., who was the driver on the night of the incident, was also taken into custody. Muhammet Bozkurt, Zihni Bozkurt, Levent Aydenk and Ahmet K. were arrested by the court on duty, while Z.Ş. He was released on condition of judicial control.


In his statement at the prosecutor’s office, Muhammet Bozkurt stated that Korkmaz owed him some money and 8 cases of beer, and called Korkmaz and said that he wanted what he would get, and that he wanted Korkmaz to come as well.

Bozkurt, his father Zihni Bozkurt, Levent Aydenk and his driver Ahmet K. when they went to Korkmaz’s casino, they had an argument with 5-6 people waiting at the door, Korkmaz said, “Are you the guy who’s going to ask me for money on the phone?” claimed to have said.

Bozkurt stated that Levent Aydenk and his father were beaten in the brawl. “I heard 2-3 gunshots. I thought the other party was shooting. I took the shotgun from the car and fired aimlessly to save Levent” reportedly said.


Aydenk, who claimed that the other party attacked them when they reached the casino, said: “I was injured, I shot in the air and on the ground to protect myself. I was low on bullets and when I ran out, I acted as if my gun had jammed and pointed it to frighten the people there. The gun was empty.” he said.

‘They hit me with a log’

As for Zihni Bozkurt, “We stopped by Tolga’s, my son was going to take his debt. When they attacked my son there, I got out of the car. They hit me with a log, I fell to the ground. After hearing the gunshots, I got in the car and ran” he testified.

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