BİM also entered the housing and vehicle business

While work continues in the Parliament to prevent the sale of white goods, electronic goods, furniture, home textiles, stationery, hardware and hardware products in chain markets. BİM United Stores Joint Stock Companyexpanded its field of activity.

According to the news of Caner Taşpınar from Odatv, BİM market announced that it will start selling houses and vehicles by making a new arrangement in company activities.

in the Trade Registry Gazette May 10, 2022 In the dated document, the new arrangement made by BİM United Mağazalar Anonim Şirketi is as follows:

  • Provided that it complies with the relevant legislation in force and obtains the necessary legal permits, the company may operate in automobiles, minibuses, midibuses, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, electric bicycles, etc. wholesale or retail trade, import, export of all kinds of motor land vehicles (including trade via intermediaries, internet TV, etc.) real estate, residence, workplace, etc. It can build, buy, sell, broker and broker all kinds of real estate in its own stores, open a business or through e-commerce.

Here is the document:

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