2 cars collided in Bodrum: 1 dead, 3 injured

The accident occurred at around 15.00 today in Gölköy Mahallesi, Bülent Ecevit Street. Allegedly, the car with the license plate of 35 AUL 334 used by Şerif Aydın and the car with license plate 48 AHA 303 under the direction of Ferdi Öztaşkın collided with the car coming from the opposite direction.

Osman Settled and Ogulcan Settled, who were in the vehicles with both drivers, were injured in the accident. Upon the notification of other vehicle drivers passing by, many health, fire and gendarmerie teams were sent to the region. The traffic flow was controlled by the gendarmerie teams. The first aid was given at the scene and the injured were taken to the surrounding hospitals. Osman Settled, whose condition was serious, could not be saved despite the intervention of doctors. It was reported that the treatment of the other 3 injured continues.

The traffic flow, which was provided in a controlled manner due to the accident, returned to normal after the cars were removed from the road.

The investigation into the accident continues.

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