Last minute: President Erdogan PKK/YPG reaction to the EU

Breaking news: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the Friday prayer.

Highlights from President Erdogan’s speech;

What kind of relations can be between Turkey and Colombia, we will discuss them at the first level. The second step will be regional issues. Another important issue is that terrorism has different dimensions in the world, but one of them is drug trafficking. We will discuss that too. After the meeting, there will be statements we will make bilaterally.

First of all, the fight against terrorism is not a simple concept. Its siege is very, very broad, and our fight against the PKK has also made a cover for the EU’s recognition of the PKK as a terrorist organization. They said they consider it a terrorist organization, so why don’t you consider YPG a terrorist organization? YPG is a terrorist organization born by the PKK.

Even the USA gives them many opportunities at the point of negotiation. Are these terrorist organizations holding all kinds of demonstrations, especially in Germany, in Sweden and in France? As we told them to them, we also told them in bilateral meetings and presented documents. Look, these are terrorist organizations, their crimes are obvious.

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