Suspect who threw stones at police arrested in Tunceli, criminal complaint against 7 HDP deputies

Aysel Doğan, who came to Turkey from Europe upon the call of terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan in 1999 and was among the PKK terrorists described as the so-called ‘Peace group’, was arrested and released in 2009 due to cancer after staying in prison for 10 years. Doğan died in the hospital where he was treated in Germany. Doğan’s body was taken to Diyarbakır by plane from Germany on 14 May, and then to Tunceli by land. At the Aktuluk application point at the entrance of Tunceli city center, the police teams stopped the funeral convoy and called for the dispersal of the group, saying that a ban was imposed by the governor’s decision and that only family members could attend. The group, which was waiting to meet the funeral convoy at the police application point in Aktuluk District, did not disperse and held a sit-in on the highway. The police and gendarmerie intervened with the Social Events Intervention Vehicle (TOMA) and gaseous gas to the group that did not disperse. Later, the hearse was taken to the cemetery for burial after passing through the security point. Close relatives were allowed here. When the crowded group waiting at the Sütlüce application point wanted to attend the funeral burial, the police did not give permission. The group, which did not disperse despite all warnings, was intervened for the second time with TOMA and gas. The police officer was injured in the head by a stone thrown by a person among the group and was taken to Tunceli State Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that the health condition of the police officer was good. With the dispersal of the crowded group near the cemetery, Doğan’s body was buried with the participation of his relatives. Following the events, the Tunceli Governor’s Office shared the footage of HDP Tunceli Deputy Alican Önlü throwing stones at TOMA and declared that the attacker group was intervened proportionally and no physical intervention was made to the deputies.


The suspect who injured the police with a stone during the brawl, M.Ç. He was caught by security cameras. M.Ç. was arrested by the court he was brought to the courthouse to which he was transferred after the proceedings and sent to prison. In the second statement made by the Tunceli Governor’s Office on the subject, it was stated that a criminal complaint was filed against 7 HDP deputies on the grounds that they provoked the burial. The statement included the following statements:
“As it is known, on 14.05.2022, the burial of a person who has many criminal records in terms of contact and affiliation with the terrorist organization and who lost his life abroad was carried out by his relatives. Those who wanted to disturb the peace and security atmosphere in our city by provoking the burial process, among them the HDP deputy from Tunceli, in particular. Alican Önlü, HDP deputies from other provinces and a group of people mostly from other provinces intervened immediately by our security forces, and all measures were taken by our Governor’s Office within the framework of the law.Meanwhile, HDP deputies were among the group that wanted to disturb the peace of our province. A heroic friend of ours was injured by a stone thrown by a person. The person who threw a stone at our hero was immediately caught by our security forces and taken into custody. The person named M.Ç., who was taken into custody, was later arrested by the court he was brought to and sent to prison. Kahraman p Our health is good and we wish our friend to get well soon. Our Governor’s Office has filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the architect of the provocation, especially Tunceli HDP deputy Alican Önlü, and all other HDP deputies and provocateurs. The point that no terrorist organization and terrorist group will not be allowed to disturb the peace of our city; It is announced to the public with our respect.”

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