It was posted on social media… Five people were detained…

It took place in the Çınar District of the Esenyurt District, which triggered the Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate. According to the allegations and the findings of the Istanbul Police, a large-scale fight broke out among the residents of the neighborhood. The subject was reflected on social media as “Syrians are fighting with guns and randomly shooting at the people”. An investigation into the incident has been initiated. It was determined that the fight took place not between the Syrians, but between the residents of the neighborhood. T.C., who is younger than 18 years old. and İ.A. It was determined that four people named BS and ES had a fight, the residents of the neighborhood were included in the fight, and warning shots were fired into the air to end the melee, which was lied to by the police. Five people, T.Ç., İ.A., BS, BS and ES, who were involved in the incident were detained and action was taken against them for the crime of “Deliberate Injury”. The five people in question were released after their statements.

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