Brutality in Beylikdüzü! She threw the baby she gave birth to herself from the balcony

The foreign woman, who gave birth by herself in her apartment in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, threw the baby from the balcony of the house to the terrace on the ground floor. In the terrible incident, the baby died.

According to the information obtained, the incident occurred on a site in Beylikdüzü recently. The 39-year-old woman named AKM, a Libyan national who was allegedly pregnant, came to Turkey from her country with her mother and step-father two months ago. The family, who decided to settle in Istanbul, bought a house on a site in Beylikdüzü. AKM, who learned that she hid her pregnancy from her family, gave birth alone in a room. The foreign-born woman threw her baby, which she claimed to be stillborn, from the balcony of the apartment they lived in to the terrace of the building.

Allegedly, after a while, there was a crow invasion on the site. The residents of the apartment noticed that a flock of crows was flying towards the lifeless body of the baby, which was thrown onto the terrace. The situation was first reported to the site management and then to the police. Police teams, who came to the scene upon the notice, launched a large-scale investigation into the terrible incident. It turned out that the newborn baby, who was found to have died as soon as it fell onto the terrace, was thrown by a Libyan national named AKM. The foreign woman was detained by the police teams. AKM and his family, who were taken to the police station, were interrogated. It was learned that the woman of Libyan origin told the police that she was sexually abused by the Libyan gardeners in her country and that she threw the baby she thought was stillborn on the terrace.

Transferred to the courthouse, AKM was released pending trial.

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