Sisi: There must be a law that obliges all of us to solve family issues

In a telephone interview on the “Echo of the Country” channel, Sisi indicated that family issues “are among the most serious issues that affect our society, its cohesion and its future.”

He added that the percentage of families in which separation occurred has increased significantly during the past twenty years, pointing out that “the problems that occur today have occurred for 40 years.”

Al-Sisi stressed that “difference before marriage is better than disagreement after marriage.”

The Egyptian president stressed, “the importance of having a law obligating all of us to resolve family issues. We must unite and listen to all opinions to resolve the personal status file.”

He continued, “Is it conceivable that there is a state whose people are not able to resolve the issue and see honestly and impartially what can be done in the personal status file?”

Al-Sisi concluded: “We will be held accountable before God, as the judiciary, the state, the president, the government, parliament, and Azhar for what we have done in this file. Our sons and daughters are in our hands in case there are problems between the spouses.”

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