Klopp believes that the Premier League title race has not been resolved yet

Liverpool drew 1-1 with Tottenham Hotspur this weekend, to be late in the title race after Manchester City’s victory over Newcastle United, and Klopp was asked if he had informed his players that the race with his opponent had ended.

“I don’t think I said that because I think things are clear and they are not settled yet, regardless of what happened,” Klopp told reporters before playing at Aston Villa in the league on Tuesday.

“We have 3 matches and my focus is now on winning our three matches, and there is nothing I can do about City winning their matches. We don’t stop believing in it and that’s what we do.”

The German coach continued, “As human beings, I think it’s really great that we can define for ourselves how to think. There are facts but we can ignore them. I try to help the players to think about it like me.”

City coach Pep Guardiola had said that “all the people in this country” supported Liverpool in the title fight, but Klopp played down the importance of this and said the Spanish coach made these comments in the heat of the moment.

“I live in Liverpool. Here a lot of people want us to win the league title, that’s for sure, but even here it’s about 50 percent,” Klopp said.

The German coach added, “I as a coach had this experience recently, and we were also affected by the match. I said some things but can I repeat them? No. I said that Tottenham plays the way they play but remains in fifth place. I felt that in the heat of the moment, But I may have been wrong.”

Klopp confirmed that Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino was “very close” to returning to the field after recovering from a foot injury.

“The medical device makes things easier at times,” Klopp said. “We’ll see what happens. Firmino was in training, so we’ll make the decision tomorrow.”

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