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It was a question that she had asked dozens of times in recent months, but had always been avoided in some way: what will Angela Merkel do after leaving the position of German Chancellor (Prime Minister), which she held for 16 years? In September, she acknowledged that since her entry into politics she did not have a free minute to decide what she would dedicate to a later stage. She declared that she had not met the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the same event For the first time, she stated: “Sim, I am a feminist”, depois de ter avoided making a statement on the matter for three decades holding public office. “I completed 67 years and there is no remaining infinite amount of time”, she reflected. “I want to write, I want to talk, I want to do trilhas, I want to stay at home, I want to see the world? I decided to start because I didn’t do anything and see what happens afterward”, he revealed.

No one imagined Merkel killing or spending time at home, and even less so than, some days ago, she went to print at the request that she submitted to the Bundestag (Parliament) to dispose of her own desk on Berlin’s boulevard Unter den Linden. All the former chancellors have gone to a cabinet with assessors and motorists, but the document in which Merkel expects nine officials (two cabinet chefs, two specialized assessors, three administrative staff and two motorists) has just confirmed that the ex-chanceler is going to develop some kind of public activity. For now, it is known that she is preparing a political autobiography that she will write with the help of one of her closest confidants, Beate Baumann.

Chef of Merkel’s cabinet since 1992, when she was still just a deputy, Baumann anticipates that the book will not be an autobiography in the usual style. “A chanceler did not want to tell his life, but to explain his main political decisions with his own words, relating to his life trajectory”, she told magazine Der Spiegel. The narrative will jump from crisis to crisis: to finance, to the euro, to two refugees, to the coronavirus. It is the first time that the enigmatic Baumann, who has never granted an interview, allows a vehicle of communication to quote her words. The project will last for two or three years. “A chanceler e eu tínhas clear that if we made this book we would be nós sozinhas, sem ghost writersem historians nem journalists”, details.

Merkel moved to the former desk of Margot Honecker, Minister of Education of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR, communist) and wife of President Erich Honecker, in a building belonging to the Bundestag No. 71 on elegant Unter den Linden avenue, part of former Berlin Oriental. Another historical former chancellor, Helmut Kohl, also kept a desk when he left office. Merkel and her husband, or scientist Joachim Sauer, will continue to live in the center of Berlim, in an apartment next to Ilha dos Museus, but perhaps now more escapes to a house will be allowed than possuem in the rural district of Uckermark, near Templin, to East German city where the ex-chanceler was raised. You know that the house likes a lot of long walks in the countryside, and two few hobbies that are public tornadoes for the Christian democrat.

Another known interest in classical music. The house is assiduous in concerts and operas in Berlin, apart from regular attendees two festivals in Bayreuth and Salzburg (Austria), where it will certainly be seen in the next editions, not European. The Austrian Government has just presented Merkel with a lifetime credential so that she does not miss the event. Tied up now, the same paid tickets, second or communiqué from Vienna. It remains to be seen if she, além disso, will begin to give lectures, write articles in the press or act as a presenter in some great international event. It is completely ruled out that she was like Kohl, or her immediate predecessor, or social democrat Gerhard Schröder, who opened private companies immediately after leaving office. Nor could it: a law of 2015 now imposes a one-year quarantine for passage from the public sector to the private sector.

Or that she has suggested that it will be available to be eventually consulted by the new Government, and her successor, Olaf Scholz, said that he would like to be able to hear her opinions. If it is to happen, it will be in occasional cases and in a reserved character, observes political scientist Andrea Römmele. She is not expected to comment on current politics without public advice in the new Executive. “Merkel foi embora”, salutes the professor at the Escola de Governo Hertie.

The former chancellor will continue to receive his full salary – 35,000 euros (222,300 reais) per month – during a quarter, at the same amount during a transition period of up to 21 months, and after that he will receive a pension of 15,000 euros, according to calculations from Deutsche Welle. Will you use that money to travel around the world? At some point she said that she would like to return to the universities that nomearam doutora honorary cause to be able to converse calmly with the students. To do this, he would need to visit two dozen cities in 13 countries, from China to the United States. Perhaps she spent time in Italy, where her husband was appointed professor at the University of Turim.

Na quinta-feira, first day of it as ex-chanceler, or jornal bild a photographer entering his new desk at 8:20 a.m. It is not clear that he is going to take a break, a few months ago, when he received an honorary doctorate from Johns Hopkins University (USA), he had said that he would like to enjoy his free time after 16 years of uninterrupted service to his country. “Maybe I’ll try to read something, and my eyes will date because I’ll be tired, then I’ll throw a car away, and we’ll see later.”

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