A letter to Putin from 7,000 Russian academics who oppose the war

“We, scientists and science journalists working in Russia, strongly protest the military invasion of Ukraine launched by the Russian army” a week ago, they wrote in a letter published by

The more than 6,900 signatories to this letter risk fines or even imprisonment under legislation adopted a few years ago that allows Russian authorities to prosecute any citizen who criticizes the government.

The Russian parliament this week began debating a bill toughening sanctions against critics of the war in Ukraine.

The letter added, “Humanistic values ​​are the foundation of science. The many years we spent promoting Russia’s reputation as a leading center of mathematics have been marred by the unprecedented military aggression of our country.”

They note that the International Congress of Mathematicians, the “world’s most prestigious mathematics conference” that was scheduled to take place in Russia in July, has been cancelled.

The signatories considered that the goal of Russia becoming a great scientific nation “cannot be achieved when the lives of our closest colleagues – scientists in Ukraine – are in danger because of the Russian army.”

And they added, “We are convinced that no geopolitical interest can justify the deaths and bloodshed. War will only lead to the complete loss of our country we are working for.”

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