Kherson in Ukraine is threatened by escalation after the arrival of the Russian army

Ukraine (news now) – 01/03/2022. 10:52

The Russian army establishes checkpoints in Kherson, Ukraine

  • On Tuesday, the Russian army arrived in the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine
  • “The Russian army sets up checkpoints at the entrances to Kherson”

On Tuesday, the Russian army arrived in the city of Kherson Southern Ukraine, near the Crimean peninsula under the control of Moscow, is setting up checkpoints on its outskirts, according to Mayor Igor Kolikhaev.

“The Russian army is setting up checkpoints at the entrances to Kherson,” Kulekhaev said on Facebook. “Kherson was and will remain Ukrainian.”

Satellite images, taken earlier in Ukraine, showed a huge Russian military convoy of more than 60 km in length, advancing towards the capital, Kyiv, which Russia has made a major target of the military operation launched since Thursday against its pro-Western neighbor.

These images were published on Monday evening by “Maxar”, the American company specializing in satellite imaging, and attached them to a postal message in which it said that the convoy “runs from the outskirts of Antonov Airport (about 25 kilometers from the center of Kyiv) in the south to the outskirts of Prybirsk” in the north.

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