Negotiations between Cairo and Moscow to secure the Egyptians’ exit from Ukraine

El-Gamal said, “Negotiations are currently underway with the Russian side to find a safe passage for the exit of Egyptian citizens from the eastern cities, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kherson and other cities.”

The ambassador also talked about an initiative by a number of countries, including Egypt, to agree on a safe passage for all Ukrainian cities.

He continued, “The Egyptian community (the Egyptian House) is working to update the database of Egyptians in eastern cities. We ask them to respond quickly so that the numbers and their locations can be accurately counted.”

El-Gamal explained that “it was confirmed that the instructions of the Ukrainian authorities had reached the border guards to facilitate the crossing of Egyptians to neighboring countries,” noting that “in light of the huge flows at the borders and the small number of border guards officers, crossing the border takes some time. We appeal to Egyptian citizens of the importance of being patient. and calm.”

The Egyptian ambassador in Bucharest, Muayyad al-Dulai, had revealed in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that 120 Egyptians had already crossed the border into Romania, and that some of them had returned to Cairo.

According to Al-Dulai, arrangements are currently underway to return the rest, while 800 others are expected to enter Romania from the Ukrainian border within hours.

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