A Russian military trick with the letter “Z”… and the “Father of the Bombs” is ready for Ukraine

The Pentagon had announced that more than 40 percent of the Russian forces massed on the borders of Ukraine had taken an offensive posture.

father of bombs

“Washington has intelligence indicating that there will be a greater form of brutality because this will not be just a conventional war between two armies,” according to the assurances of the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, to the American channel, NBC Today.

To break the spirit of the Ukrainians and force them to surrender, the Russian army intends to use a high-explosive bomb called the “Father of Bombs”, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

And the bomb would mark the beginning of the war on Ukraine to break the Ukrainian spirit and force Kiev to surrender, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to use it at the beginning of a possible invasion.

The weight of a super-strong non-nuclear bomb is 7,100 kilograms, and it contains a high explosive, aluminum powder and ethylene oxide, and the explosive power of the bomb is equivalent to about 44 tons of high explosive TNT.

Russia conducted the first test of the bomb in 2007, after it was dropped on the surface of the moon, which made it the most powerful thermonuclear bomb ever invented by man, which is why they called it the “father of bombs.”

Vacuum bombs are considered the “father of bombs”, the most lethal and destructive of all, and are only surpassed by nuclear weapons, as Russia has an arsenal of them, even though it dates back to the era of the Soviet Union, according to a report by CNN.

Despite the rapid technological development in the field of manufacturing modern weapons, such as laser weapons and space missiles, weapons systems dating back to the Cold War between the former Soviet Union and the United States still represent a particular concern for Americans.

Vacuum bombs (“barostatic bombs”), which the Russian army has a huge arsenal of, are a type of explosive that uses the surrounding oxygen to generate a high-temperature explosion within a wide blast range.

As the blast wave produced by these explosives is longer lasting and more powerful than conventional bombs, it is considered one of the most destructive non-nuclear explosives in the world, according to military experts.

The United States and the Soviet Union entered the world of vacuum bombs since the 1960s, when the US military purchased a large number of vacuum bombs, BLU (Cluster Bomb Units) and CBU (Live Bomb Units), some of which were used during the Vietnam War.

The TOS-1 multiple launcher is one of Russia’s most popular resources on the list of thermobaric bombs, along with its developed derivatives such as the TOS-2.

With 30 tubes to fire missiles at once in about 15 seconds, TOS-1 batteries are capable of causing an astonishing amount of destruction in a very short time.

These weapons were first used during the final years of the Soviet-Afghan War, but the full extent of their destructive capabilities came during the Second Chechen War, which was led by Putin.

Recently, international organizations claimed that TOS-1M launchers were used by Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

character’s secretZ

And Russian tanks painted with the letter “Z” appeared, as huge convoys were seen heading towards the Ukrainian border, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

About 200 military vehicles were spotted in Chepkino, Russia, just across the border from Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, with “Z” markings on the backs of most of the vehicles, although this letter is not primarily in the Russian alphabet.

It is suspected that the markings were assigned to specific roles, and sprayed on tanks, self-propelled guns, fuel trucks and supply wagons, according to the British newspaper.

As for the “Ukrainian War Report” account on Twitter, which publishes about the movements of Russian forces near Ukraine, it confirmed that many videos of Russian military vehicles are uploaded with “Z” markings, to identify “friend or foe” used by armies in wartime. .

Commenting on the military analyst, Brigadier General Samir Ragheb said, “The letters and symbols on military equipment are known within the military plans of the regular armies, and they may symbolize something or a work to distinguish between the army’s military equipment and the enemy’s.”

He added to “Sky News Arabia” that “writing this sign is a military tactic used by Britain and America during the first Gulf War. When the allies were sent to liberate Kuwait, they put a “^” sign on the vehicles to avoid friendly fire during the war.”

friendly fire

Those signs indicate that the final preparations are complete, the Ukrainians have very similar tanks and vehicles and the Russians will want to reduce the risk of friendly fire, according to the British newspaper.

These signs also sparked speculation for users of social networking sites, and observers and activists spoke of Russia putting this sign for specific roles. Others suggested that Russia was borrowing a trick used by the Allies in World War II.

They said the Allies resorted to symbols in order to avoid friendly fire incidents once the war broke out, because most Ukrainian tanks dated from the Soviet era, and could easily be confused with the Russian fleet.

Another theory is that all the forces marked with the letter “Z” were part of a specific group with an unknown purpose to carry out inside Ukraine in the event of the invasion.

A third theory is that the letter “Z” can symbolize the second name of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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