A terrifying shot of “Eunice” in Europe… The crane collapsed and killed the workers

During the past days, Europe was hit by a series of storms in the past days, and the wind speed in Britain during Storm Eunice reached about 200 kilometers per hour.

The huge crane collapse occurred at a construction site in Krakow, Poland.

A videotape recorded the moment the crane fell, as shrapnel was flying in the sky from strong winds, as if a hurricane had hit the area.

The accident resulted in the death of two workers at the construction site and the injury of two others.

According to local reports, one of the workers was working on the roof of a building under construction, while the second was on the ground.

The crane was out of service at the time of the storm, with the Polish meteorological service recording winds of about 65 kilometers per hour.

Police have opened an investigation into the cause of the accident and whether safety measures were taken before the harsh weather conditions.

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