Explanation of the Face Camera app from the Google Play Store for Android for creative selfies

With the increasing use of the front camera to take selfies and share them through various means of communication, it increased with it the Google Play Store applications for Android, which specialize in improving the quality of these images and adding dazzling additions to them. Funny filters, angel wings filters, etc. These filters, along with a lot of unique effects, will give your photos a unique and fashionable feel, and they are free for everyone.

Google Play Store Android Selfies

Makeup effects in the Face Camera app from Google Play Store for Android

Face Camera provides you with more different types of makeup in various colors such as lipstick in degrees that will appeal to many and other makeup modes through which you can choose what suits your condition, and there are various Instagram filters that many are looking for, yes this application will spare you from putting makeup in If you want to take a picture without having to put on full makeup, Face Camera will do it easily.

face camera app

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Diverse face effects

With a single click and in a few seconds, you will be able to change the shape of your face with the various free effects and filters available in Face Camera, which are constantly renewed for more modern looks.

funny effects

You will have a great time with friends by taking and sharing joyful photos together on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for more fun and entertainment, as the filters of cats, dogs, and bunnies, as well as more faces of princesses and cheerful cartoon characters that Face Camera provides.

beauty effects

By using the beauty effects available in Face Camera, you will be able to hide all facial imperfections from pimples, acne or any imperfections that prevent you from enjoying taking pictures, these filters will give you a completely pure and clear face free of any imperfections and with one click you will get shiny and bright eyes of your choice, a straight nose and lightening Your skin to the desired degree, you will enjoy a great variety in your photos with these wonderful effects, as well as beautiful angel and princesses filters.

Face Camera from Google Play Store for Android

Face Camera’s various stickers

The camera app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android, has here With various stickers of beard and mustache stickers and more than 2,800 stickers of various cute animal faces, tattoo stickers and live faces such as Vocation stickers, in addition to these stickers you can put the emoji you want, while recording videos with these funny faces with friends and family.

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