The hero of the last meters.. the digger “Amy Ali” kidnaps the hearts of Moroccans

According to press reports in Morocco, the man is known as “Amy Ali Al-Sahrawi”, and he hails from the southeastern region of the Kingdom.

My uncle Ali was able to accumulate decades of experience in drilling wells, and he became one of the most skilled people in dealing with soil and extracting it and completing the tasks required safely in such cases.

And it was the turn of “Amy Ali”, after the start of the horizontal digging process in order to reach the child Rayan, who is 5 years old, and who fell into a narrow well until he reached a depth of more than thirty meters.

“My uncle Ali” was widely praised on social media platforms, amid admiration for his keenness to move to the north of the country, in order to contribute to saving the child Ryan.

Commentators said that “my uncle Ali” did not graduate from major universities and institutes, but he is a man of great reputation in drilling techniques, and this matter encouraged his use, in order to get Rayan out safely.

complex process

At the beginning of the crisis, attempts to save the child Ryan began through the disembarkation of people practicing what is known as Istighwar, but the narrow diameter of the well prevented them from reaching the stranded child.

The child Ryan fell to a depth of more than 30 meters, while the volunteers could not descend more than 20 meters, and because of this stumbling, rescue efforts focused on an alternative plan.

According to the approved plan, the rescue teams built a large hole parallel to the place where the child Ryan fell, and upon reaching the depth in which it is located, a horizontal excavation was started.

But the fear of landslides prompted the rescue teams to use wide supports, tubes and cylinders to protect those working in the rescue, in addition to taking out the child Ryan, without endangering him.

The operation to rescue the child Ryan is taking place, amid follow-up in Morocco and abroad, while large crowds gathered around the scene, amid calls for people to stand up to let the workers focus on their plan.

A helicopter is stationed at the scene of the accident, which is equipped with the necessary resuscitation equipment, in order to transport the child Ryan to the hospital as soon as aid workers manage to get him out.

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